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Advance Justness in Your Organization

At JUSTness, we help law enforcement agencies, private sector and nonprofit organizations transform their leadership skills, elevate their workplace environment and strengthen the ways they serve their constituents.

Our Services

Organizations that achieve justness are mission driven, have excellent leadership, are socially and culturally competent, and are committed to policies and processes that engender service to humanity

Policy Development

We partner with public and private sector organizations to develop policy and procedures that engender inclusion and equality for all.

DE&I Consulting

We customize results-oriented, evidence-based DEI programs for public and private sector clients.

Civil Justice Investigations & Expert Witness

JUSTness founder Christopher B. Dennis works with law firms as an expert witness or in an investigative role for civil justice cases.

Social Justness Speaker

JUSTness founder Christopher B. Dennis delivers perspective-inducing workshops and participates in speaking engagements and panels about DE&I and policing reform

Mental Health & Policing Programs

JUSTness procures data on mental illness and training and delivers training programs focused on diffusing crisis situations. We also consult on mental health assessments and programs for police officers.

Leadership Coaching

We develop the skills of organizational leaders so they can engender positive change from within.



Federal Agent



Public Service Experience



Staff Managed



Progressive Investigations

JUSTness Principal: Christopher B. Dennis, MPA, CDP, EMBA

A Mission-Focused, Transformational Leader

JUSTness Founder Christopher B. Dennis is a specialist in leading positive change. A dynamic coach, Christopher has a natural ability to rejuvenate teams. He quickly assesses situations and executes action plans and professional development programs to optimize organizations and empower staff to be leaders. 

Christopher’s 25+ years of public service make him a rare specialist in DE&I and executive leadership programs for law enforcement. With a multicultural lens, Christopher helps clients instill a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout their organization.


Our Clients

Rather than implement a template program, JUSTness guides each client to reimagine what is possible for their organization and customize an action plan aimed at achieving their distinct goals. Above all, JUSTness programs are rooted in results. We use advanced data to track positive change and provide a framework of accountability.


Law Enforcement

With more than 25+ years in public service and a multicultural lens, JUSTness President Christopher B. Dennis understands the inner workings of law enforcement and creates innovative, results-focused strategies to promote positive change.



JUSTness guides private industry clients to re-imagine their workplace for enhanced inclusivity for all. We create and deliver evidence-based programs that are customized to achieve each client’s unique goals. 


Legal Firms

We work with law firms as an expert witness or in an investigative role for civil justice cases. Founder Christopher B. Dennis brings a more than 20-year, progressive career in fraud investigations in the Federal Government and Department of Health and Human Services.

Our four-stage process leads to measurable changes in the justness of our partner organizations. 

1. Discovery Process

We lead a deep dive into the unique goals, culture, challenges and barriers of your organization.

2. Partnership

We work closely with your team to implement the strategies and measure data.

3. Strategic Consulting

We design a customized program focused on meaningful change.

4. Accountability

We review data, adjust strategies for continued growth and celebrate successes.

Why Choose Justness

“I believe coaching is essential to creating new pathways to promote healthy communities—it amplifies and accelerates results. Our work helps an organization’s leaders gain a heightened level of self-awareness and self management for profound personal and professional growth.”

– Christopher B. Dennis

Evidence-Based Stratagies

Passionate Dedication to Results

Data-Driven Accountability

Dynamic, Customized Programs

Multi-Cultural Lens

Extensive Law Enforcement/Public Service Background

Specialized Public & Private Sector DE&I Experience

Conflict Resolution Experts

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